Prime Does Pride

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Prime. The queer party for grown folks.


One Fine Party!

DJ Shomi Noise & DJ Noa D
Hosted by dandy Drae Campbell

Saturday, June 22nd @ 9:30pm
505 1/12 Waverly, Brooklyn
C train to Clinton/Washington

  • free ‘woo’ and intuitive unblockings by Shaina Feinberg <>
  • special amazing homemade June-O shots by Mizz June!
  • free vegan treats from Mister Sister, the queer owned baked goods co.
  • Sexy films of Katrina Del Mar  provide visual aid while we dance and get to know each other.
  • Fancy prosecco cocktails! and other drinks too!


Prime is the party for queer folks over 30 and the people who love them!

PRIME Saturday!

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Hi friends!
it’s PRIME Time again!

is the Queer Party For Grown folks.

This is the party for queers over 30 (and the people who love them!)

It’s monthly. Like so many of life’s great wonders.

We’re so excited about SATURDAY! This month Prime features a performance by the cast of “The Lesbian Love Octagon”

We’re very lucky to have them. Their show opens in June and we are the first to get a sneak peak of the new production!

Here’s a lil something about them!

Set in the late 90s on the Lower East Side of New York City, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON follows the journey of Sue, a less than butch dyke with a broken heart, as she tries to cope with losing her girlfriend to her ex-girlfriend. When Sue’s friends (a bevy of ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends’ ex-girlfriends) come rushing to her aid, they incite a tempest of lust and betrayal as they try to convince Sue that the answer to happiness exists in polyamory, pomade, and online personals. A riotous look at a righteous time in lesbian history, the LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON is a musical for anyone who has ever loved wimmin’s bookstores, tofu or cats.

“A leap-to-your feet standing ovation show filled with fun and funny campy humor served distinctly lezzie-style.”  ~ Go Magazine

LLO goes on at 11pm! Don’t miss them!

we dance all night to the amazing spinology mixing genius of DJ NOA D

We’re very excited to have Noa back!
Noa is really good looking and very talented.

Somewhere in the fog of wonder of the fabulous party get your chakras aligned by Shaina Feinberg. Shaina is intuitive and can help unblock you so that you can manifest your dreams. She has helped many people (including me!) in dire matters of love, career and creative endeavors. In short, she is on hand as our ‘Woo Facilitator’. She was a hit at the first Prime, so we asked her back.

Also present will be Mizz June slingin’ homemade jell-o shots.  For reals.

This whole thing is like some kind of gay queer old fair where you dance and make out.

I’m hosting.

Let’s kiki and hug and dance our faces off!

When: Saturday, May 4th @ 930pm
Where: JACK in Brooklyn
505 1/2 Waverly
C train to Clinton/Washington

drinks, dancing, entertainment and queers over 30.

hearts and hugs,

and ps.
just in case you needed a reminder or some guidance, here’s this: