PRIME~The Queer Party For Grown Folks

Prime is a monthly soiree for all of the fabulous queers and queens who are 30 and over! And the people who love them!

I know you’re out there, I’ve seen you at my other parties!

Come, come to a welcoming, unpretentious and comfortable party.
Rub elbows and other parts with the hotties of your community!
Drink till you need a cab home and a kiss goodnight!
Dance till it aches!
Ogle yourself in a complicated all gender bathroom mirror!
Hug yourself while music plays!
Sweat the stress of adult life off in the tin foiled paradise you could only find in Brooklyn!

Prime is always welcome to anyone 21 and over , but we especially want to encourage you babes over 30 to come on out! The scene misses you! Trust.

So, daddys, moms, aunties and uncles and the sweeties who love them, bring it!

*Hosted by the often friendly and always tender grey haired dandy, Drae Campbell (Miss LEZ, Saturn Returns, Boxers Off!)

*DJ Angel Favorite -He’s very handsome and plays the good music we love (Metropolitan, The Woods)

*With Burlesque, GO-GO and party fluffing by the gorgeous and saucy Divina Gransparkle! (Parkside Lounge, HyperGender Burlesque)

More to come!

It’s been over a month since we’ve thrown a queer party at JACK! Let’s do this!
I miss our times!
Can’t wait to see you!

Drinks, dancing, entertainment and queers over 30.
Get off Facebook and get here to do some real life social networking!

~all gender bathroom
~ JACK and its bathroom are wheelchair accessible

Love ya, mean it!

505 1/2 Waverly
btween Atlantic and Fulton
March 30th, 10pm

C train to Clinton/Washington

Upcoming Shows & Podcast

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Hi star drops of honey!
It’s 2013! Happy New Year and Valentineys and many hugs!
I’m Drae Campbell  and I’ve got some shows coming up!
I do a lot of different things in the world.
If you’d like to come see me live and in person, here’s your chance!

Thurs, February 21st, @ 9pm – Free Stand Up Comedy!

Come see.
739 Franklin Bar
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

RSVP on Facebook?

Mon, February 25th, @ 8pm – Hostery!

I’m hosting The Juke Joint Review
At the Parkside Lounge on the Lower East Side in NYC!
featuring lots of beautiful and sexy burlesque ladies
dancing to LIVE MUSIC by the Empire Beats!

It’s not to be missed. I feel lucky to be a part of this show!

RSVP on Facebook?

Anytime Ever – Voices in Your Head

Listen to the podcast I do with Jason Quarles?

It’s called MESSY!
This time we’re talkin’ about the Oscar nominations!
Here it is:

Click the link and listen! You can do it right now!

Hope to see you soon!

Drae <> <>


Beautiful people of my universe and community!

Remember when I threw  a big giant queer party called Saturn Returns? Well guess what?! Saturn Returns RETURNS!!! On my Birthday, friends!

Thanks to all the beautiful dirty old queers, queens and the people who love them, our party is back!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
9:30pm doors til late!
$8 cover!

It’s all happening once again at that tin foiled paradise,  JACKNY, at 505 1/2 Waverly between Fulton and Atlantic Ave in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

The C train to Clinton/Washington takes you right there!

Brought to you by Drae Campbell and Francesca Hoffman, this party is dedicated to the fabulous queers who are 27 and older.

In case you had forgotten, one’s Saturn Return occurs when a transiting Saturn planet returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of one’s birth, which typically happens between the ages of 27-30. It can be a time of reevaluation, change, reflection and transition, and so we at Saturn Returns want to celebrate this transitional and tumultuous time in our lives!

But remember, we always welcome all queers 21+!

Featuring performances by:

MissPoison Ivory!

Bianca Dagga!

Camille Atkinson of The Juke Joint Revue!
She brought the house down last time with her renditions of Lucky Star and The Age of Aquarius, so we invited her back!

DJ NOA D is also back, playing the music that moves you!

And of course, Drae Campbell  will be your humble, gray haired, dandy host! Come say happy birthday to Drae! She’s accepting hugs and bottles of cologne. (Drae is very grown up.)

  • There will again be a raffle! (More details to come shortly!)
  • Beer, wine & prosecco for sale inside.
  • All gender bathroom
  • Wheelchair accessible

We can’t wait to hug you, drink with you and dance our faces off.

See the show, dance the dance, live your LIFE!



in the meantime…

Hearts afire,
Drae Campbell

Rebel Cupcake, Boxers Off & Saturn Returns

I have 2 shows this WEEK! They are real gaymazing and I wish you would show up please. Then I have a party with entertainment coming soon. Here’s all the lurid details…..!

This THURSDAY!!  November 15th at 10pm-Brooklyn

I’m performing at REBEL CUPCAKE! In Williamsburg at SUGARLAND on 221 N. 9th. The theme is….Toddlers and Tiaras! Could you just scream?~ I’ll be telling a story of my own little version of a being a toddling actor/performer/queen, whatever! Honey. Boo Boo, CHILD!

Here’s the FB invite:

RSVP, friends!

This SATURDAY Night November 17th at 7pm-Manhattan

Boxers Off is BACK! At The Stonewall Inn in Manhattan on 53 Christopher Street.

If you wanna see me and a lot of sexy butches take off our clothes to benefit hurricane survivors, This is the ONLY place to do it. Saturday night!! It’s called… Boxers Off! The Fall Nostalgia and Sandy Relief Show!

It’s a benefit, kids! Get involved by lookin’ at some fleshy parts get shook!

Here’s the FB invite for that:


 Saturday December 1st, 2012– Brooklyn

Now for reals, mark this in your calendar.

Drae Campbell is throwing a party with Francesca Hoffman.

Yes, I just third personed my ass.

I need to see you there!

Oh, The party? It’s just called:

SATURN RETURNS: A Party For The Distinguished Queer

Saturn Returns is the new monthly queer party that answers the question: Am I the oldest queen here?

Learn the answer to this question and much more by joining us for our launch on SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC 1ST!

Your “SATURN RETURN” occurs at ages 27-30. It is a time of reevaluation, change, reflection and transition. You see, we at Saturn Returns noticed a little space in queer night life that wasn’t being filled. With this universal party we seek to create a safe, sexy, talky, dancey fun exciting party space for queer folks who are 27 or older. But of course, all ages 21+ are welcome.

Brought to you by Drae Campbell (Miss Lez, Boxers Off, Dandy!) and Francesca Hoffman (The End Times Cabaret).—

It’s all happening at JACK in BROOKLYN! In Clinton Hill!! (

Doors at 8:30PM. Performances starting at 9PM!
$8 cover!
Take the C train to the Clinton/Washington stop and walk 2 blocks to Waverly between Atlantic and Fulton.Here’s the FB invite!

We can’t wait to seeeee you!!!  Let’s dance it out!

**And remember volunteers in are still desperately needed for hurricane clean-up and basic animal and humanitarian needs. Find out what you can do and where you can donate here:

Other Hurricane infos:

Thanks for your support and kindness. You keep me going.

Drae Campbell

Opentoe Peepshow Salon

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Heels on Wheels Presents… Opentoe Peepshow Salon #2
Sunday November 4, 2013, 7pm-11pm
The Spectrum, 59 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, $3-$10

Dear friends, I’m glowing from all our collective organizing and resilliency work. When shit gets rough–as it is now–sometimes goin’ to church together is the thing we need–and performance like tonight’s is total church [without the patriarchy part]. So, you’re invited to come after [or before] your volunteer shift/support work/processing/whatever to tonight’s event. And be good to each other while you’re at it!…

7pm: Skillshare: Jade Payne, setting up a PA
8pm: Performers: Kirya Traber, M. Lamar, T.L. Cowan
9pm: Special Election Season collaboration: Drae Campbell & Ariel Speedwagon

Heels on Wheels is thrilled to announce the second installment of our monthly Salon Series: The Opentoe Peepshow. This event is dedicated to revealing new works by queer artists of all persuasions, with a focus on performance art and feminine-spectrum folks.

On Sunday Nov 4th this all-ages event takes place at The Spectrum, 59 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The cost is $3–$10, and there are three steps up into the venue.

The skillshare will be ongoing from 7-8p as Jade Payne shares how to set up a PA [that’s a sound system & thanks to Rock Camp for lending it]!

Performances start at 8pm sharp and go until 9:30, including new works by Kirya Traber, M. Lamar, T.L. Cowan, and a Special Election Season Binders Full of Wo/men in Binders collaboration by Drae Campbell/Ariel Speedwagon.

There will be Q&A/feedback time afterwards, and then we’ll hang out and perhaps even dance.

Hostessed by Heels on Wheels femmes Shomi Noise and Damien Luxe, this series is about creating space for performers we believe in. We hope you can join us for this event, and the first Sunday of every month through June 2013!

More about the event series, the artists, and the Heels on Wheels here, and the event is on facebook here:

Heels on Wheels is a group of interdisciplinary performing artists who create performance-based cultural works and community events that have a radical, feminist agenda, are produced from sites of femme/inine, queer embodiment, and reveal the power in under-represented communities.
ps. We are not collecting donations at this event BUT you can take things to locations listed here, including the nearby 520 Clinton Ave hub coordinating local hurricane relief efforts! Volunteer / Donate / Share: