You Move Me scores at Austin Film Fest

You Move Me won the Short Film Jury Award and The Audience Award at the  Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival!

“In a field of competition where the type of films under consideration are so vastly diverse in genre, form, and budget, we wanted to evaluate our top choices on the basis of how well they accomplish what they had aimed for, in comparison with the universe of other similar films that we’ve seen elsewhere.

‘You Move Me’ as a low-budget comedy is one of the funniest we’ve seen anywhere. For its keen sense of comic timing and acerbic (if not caustic) wit, ‘You Move Me’ charmed this jury and the audience at the aGLIFF23 Girls Shorts Program. Comedy, when done well, seems effortless and the mainstream movie establishment would be better off exploring the unique voice of the writer/director/actor team here! In a word – WE WANT TO SEE MORE!”