Drae Fall Funs

Hi stars, unicorns and loves!

I miss you. Straight up.

I hope your summer was grand and full of adventure, insight, beauty, truth, ocean sky, waters and greenery. Or any one or a combo of those in abundance.

I have a couple things I’m doing and/or did that I want you to see.Remember? I’m an entertainer.

First I’m participating in an amazing feminist theater event at The Cherry Lane Theater!
I’m honored that they asked me!

One Week AWAY!

Get involved, people! It’s a good and worthy fight.

This will be an amazing night of amazing women reading plays/writings by women. It is a protest and an event hosted by the awesome Guerilla Girls On Tour.

We Are Theatre
Cherry Lane Theater, NYC
Monday, September 24th @ 7pm

Here are some links with a discount code and info:

How do I follow that up?

Well of course by hosting THE END TIMES CABARET PRESENTS: THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO! at Dixon Place in Manhattan!

This is gonna be really wonderfully strange in a burning man, occupy, queer foolishness kinda way. I think.

This is what they have to say about it:
The End Times Cabaret is proud to present the “The Last Days of Disco,” the second installment in their series. Inspired by the baseball promotional event-turned-wild-riot that became known as “Disco Demolition Night,” this innovative cabaret will explore “the death of disco” through performance and music.

So…Get sexy and show up!
I wanna see you there.
It’s disco and apocolypse and queer-ish.
That’s enough and more!

The Last Days of Disco
Friday and Saturday September 28th and 29th @ 10pm
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street, NYC

Tickets: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/917546

And finally. If you haven’t already seen, I was featured on a queer fashion blog called DapperQ. They promote images and styles of dapper and fashiony masculine queers.

In mine, my friend Eva took all the pics and was responsible for styling , art direction and excellent fashion sense.

Marcus Hicks also loaned some of his fine designs to the cause. His co. is called SDN. Check him out!

And here’s me modeling: http://www.dapperq.com/seven-days-of-dapper-2/

Also, i’m still a dog walker and cat sitter. If you have any pet care needs, please contact me. I’m affordable, reliable and experienced.

Happy new year, happy love, abundance, fall apple picking, long pants, socks, school supplies new beginnings, health! It would be truly lovely to see you at one of the events I mentioned.

I hope you’re voting and registered.
I’m sending you good vibes. Most especially if you need them.
Thank you for reading this through.


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