GAY CITY NEWS: Miss Lez Rocks Williamsburg
Read all about how Drae grabs the crown as Miss Rebel Cupcake on a platform of “Do Ask, Do Tell”

GIRL DRIVE: Interview with Drae
Drae talks about young women in theatre.

10 Outstanding Shorts at OutFest ’10

“Natural performances from writers/stars Drae Campbell and Rebecca Drysdale make director Gina Hirsch’s breakup comedy feel like it should be a feature. After spending only 12 minutes with these two friends driving around in a U-Haul, the audience will be eager for their further adventures.” – by Kim Adelman

More Nurture Than Nature: An Interview With Gina Hirsch

“A film that’s sure to move you to tears of laughter featured in this year’s Les Girls program, is a short by Gina Hirsch called You Move Me. This comedic lesbian buddy movie deals with a topic we are all too familiar with-the break up. I recently had the chance to ask Hirsch, who works as a film editor in LA about her filmmaking foray…” – by PJ Maytag

You Move Me
: A New Butch Buddy Movie

“Drysdale and Campbell have teamed up and have made a short film called You Move Me which Campbell said is “a lesbian, dare I say a butch Buddy Movie”, comedy. Written by and Starring Drae Campbell and Rebecca Drysdale as the buddies, Tru and Dex. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a U-Haul, a strap-on and a dog named Elaine Stritch.”” – by Sinclair

Drae’s storytelling show in the HUFFINGTON POST


” hosted by Drae Campbell, the event is an opportunity for queer people to take back the autonomy and agency over their own narratives by telling their own stories and sharing in the stories of others in the community. An ongoing event, each installment of the TELL series is slated to feature an individual theme and a different group of storytellers. “