Oscar Party!

I love the OSCARS! It’s so rife with issues that I love to love it and make fun of it and be a part of it. I also want an Oscar in the future. But for other reasons than you think maybe?….

I will be assisting some hilarious comedy funny people and some gays and of course the greatest entertainer of our time, MURRAY HILL!  MURRAY knows what’s best for us. Put yourself in his able and gender laden mitts for a night of comedy and OSCARS!!

Ps. I think I only got this gig cause I look like Albert Nobbs. Also, I can be Extremely Loud and Incredibly Glen Close. I need The Help. Sorry. I have complicated feeling about that movie too, but the title lends itself…

This SUNDAY night! FEB 26th!
Red Carpet Fun starts at 730pm!
425 Lafayette


It will probably sell out, so get your tickets now.
It’s a fuckin’ party!
The poster has a discount code!!

I will see you there because you like me, you really like me!