PRIME, The Queer Party For Grown Folks is BACK

Welcome back to Prime, The Queer Party for Grown Folks!
As always, Prime is a party for queers over 30 and the people who love them.

Last time there were mass spankings, backwards burlesque, and so many dancing sweaty queers…Who knows what will happen this time !
You never know with a bunch of Aquarians in the room! It could either turn into a lively debate on de-forestation, a shellfish ballet a or a naked re-enactment of The Warren Report. Either way, it’s a party. Let’s get to it! I miss your faces and your bodies.

PRIME-The Aqueerius Edition!

-Hosted by the Aquarius dandy,
Drae Campbell

-Music by handsome hottie DJ Noa


-Shots by Mizz June !
If you haven’t met Mizz June, I feel for you. She is a star among us!

Here’s Mizz June with Bevin Branlandingham and of course her legendary June-O shots!

Also, drum roll…

The WOO Corner is back!! Our woo facilitator,
Shaina , is an Aquarius!
Shaina is an intuitive reader,       woo
helper and positive vibe manifester!
She has been a huge hit at our past parties giving one on one reading consultations. She will grace us with her goodness for a limited PRIME time!
(from 945 to 1115pm-First come first serve!)

JACK in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
on Waverly btwn Fulton and Atlantic.
C train to Clinton/Washington
-JACK and its bathrooms are wheelchair accessible and all gender!
-Cash bar, cheap drinks, including Prime’s own Prosecco drink the “tender gender”

You are the culture, you are the party and I love you for it!
See you there!
Bring friends and mingle, it’s 2014

Feb 1st, 2014
at JACK on Waverly between Fulton and Atlantic ave.
930pm to 330am
Brooklyn, NYC
C train to Clinton/Washington
$6 before 11pm/$9after.
For more info on PRIME, check this out!
Now you know.

Queer Winter Highlights

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Hi friends!

Here’s some stuff:

There’s gonna be an Aquarius themed Prime party on February 1st at Jack in Brooklyn. Stay tuned!

Stay warm and help others!

Drae Campbell in 7 Days of Dapper